Friday, July 22, 2011

Tourist Destinations in Batak Land

Administrative Center
Main town of Samosir, the administrative center of the island. Many Hotel, Bars or Pub and Restaurant.
Tomok Harbor
King Sidabutar Tombs
One of Huta (Village) tourist destination in Samosir. Hundreds-years-old King Sidabutar sarcophagus. And you can see Sopo (Traditional Batak House).

Many souvenir likes Ulos, Handcraft, t-shirt you can get on As long as road to King Sidabutar sarcophagus and cheaper.
Tuk Tuk Siodang
One of jetty in Samosir, where boat from Ajibata, Parapat. Many Hotel, Bars or Pub and Restaurant.
Siallagan Ambarita
Stone Chairs
Execute Place
Tomb or monument of King Siallagan, and stone chair legend are council, prison and executed the guilty victims.
Traditional Batak houses
Traditional dance Sigale - gale and gondang playing, it is welcome dance to tourist. King's House become Batak Museum, and beside there is Solu House, King's Solu.
Hobon Stone
Hobon stone place to keep treasure Batak, and Sopo Tetea Bulan.
Muara is one of the districts within Toba Samosir right by the side of the Lake Toba. Named Muara because it is the estuary of many rivers which is then streaming to Lake Toba. A very enchanting place.


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