Friday, July 22, 2011

Tor Tor & Gondang, Batak's Traditional Music

Tor Tor (Traditional Batak Dance) play with Gondang (Traditional Batak Music). You can see Tor Tor and Gondang in Batak ceremony.

Samosir Sigale Gale (Batak dancing with puppet Sigale Gale) play with Gondang. Sigale Gale are Batak Puppet Boy make from wooden and to make it move like dancing Tor Tor follow the music Gondang using string and move depend to puppeter. Tortor Sigale Gale do in Batak ceremony when parent or somebody was dead and not have child (generation). Old time ago the ceremony called as Papurpur Sapata. And now Tor Tor Sigale Gale are dance and music ceremony for say welcome to tourist.

Musical instruments: Flute, Tulila (type of small trumpet), Hasapi (a two-stringed kecapi, small 'cello'), Saga-Saga (a kind of harmonica), Tanggetang (a small ukulele), Ogung (gong) which includes Oloan, Doal and Panggora, one set of percussion instruments (Gordang, Tataganing and Odap), Hombung (pieces of metal tuned differently stored in a chest), Sarune (a reed instrument), etc.


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