Friday, July 22, 2011

Menu Foods, Sirara Aili (Rendang)

Rendang aili meat (wild boar) that is cooked with coconut milk and spices. Meat used is fresh meat, meat is not preserved. Seasoning and cooking in the same way with the kitchen rendang in general. We only use a Aili meat.
1. soak meat with spice paste at least a hour.
2. Cook in the skillet over coconut milk medium, stirring occasionally until the fleet at the surface (at least 20 minutes) coconut oil and book
3. In a large pan, meat insert with coconut milk and spices up to 300 cc (until black meat)
4. Enter leaves of laurel and lemon leaves of grass, and simmer medium while stirring, stirring until half of coconut milk evaporates

5. Pour 100 cc of coconut milk and stir in the coconut milk until the water evaporates
6. Keep stirring and add remaining coconut milk approximately 100 cc to all castings.
7 Cook until the meat becomes sensitive (at least half time 1st) and until all the water evaporates in the coconut milk and spices rendang as well.

Good luck.


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