Friday, July 22, 2011

Know of Lake Toba, One of World's Largest Lake

Lake Toba In first time, before Lake Toba exist, Toba area are consist of mountain and valey with small river.

In that time live young man and the name is Toba and he work as a fisherman. One day Toba go to the river, for all day fishing but not one fish he get. Desperate cause it sunset and Toba throw his fishhook to the water, he was shock when he does get one fish a big one (Cyprinus carpio). With proudly he bring the fish and wanna go home.

But Toba shock when the fish talk to him said "Don;t bring to your home to eat me, but only keep me in the house in middle of farm, and you come again after three days". Toba surprise to look the fish can talk and doing what the fish said to him.

After three days, he goes to the farm and get in to the house, Toba really shock he show a beautiful lady with long hair not a fish. Surprised Toba ask the lady "Who are you and what are you doing in this house ??", and the lady said "My name is Nauli, Princess of water, sending by God to be human.".

And Toba persuade the girl to be his wife. The girl said "I want to be your wife but you must promise. Whatever and what happen to our family in the next, that you will not said that i am a fish and if you broken i will return and back to my first time being a fish". Toba agree that he will keep promised. They have married and live in that house.

For daily needed they do farming. And they are happy family. Not for long time they have one child and give the name Samosir.

One day when Samosir bring a lunch to his father at farm, Samosir have accident, he down and the food droped, now the food already dirty. But Samosir collecting all the food back and bring to his father. After arrived, Samosir call his father to get lunch, but he affraid to tell him the he get accident before he go to farm and the food was dirty.

When his father opened, he surprise Samosir bring a dirty food. And he angry to Samosir and said "Cause your are kid from fish, you bring to me dirty food.", Samosir crying that his father angry to him, and he go back his mom and make a report. Nauli crying too when her son Samosir tell to her. Nauli sad to Toba he broken promise, and Nauli hugging her son Samosir and tell him that all is true.

Nauli order Samosir to go to highland, this is consequence if your father Samosir broken his promise, i will return back as a fish. After Samosir already in highland, Nauli pray wishes God bring she return back, and the rain coming make flood in Toba area and it become Lake. Nauli was back to her life as a fish. And the lake become Lake Toba and highland where samosir going become Samosir Island.
Note :

Promise ( Padan : in Batak Language) is important word in this legend. Don't say promise if broken it next time, cause who broken promise can get disaster.


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