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History Of Batak's Etnic

Si Raja Batak -> King Isumbaon -> Mr Sori Mangaraja -> Mr. Sorba Dibanua -> Raja Sumba -> From Raja Sumba have 2 children: 1. Toga Simamora 2. Sihombing toga, toga Simamora!
Toga Simamora have 4 children, the oldest of the Ancient, Manalu second, third Debata King (as objections names so they're re-using the name Simamora), fourth Rambe (Sumerham)
(Cat. Rambe is different Rambenya Bor-Bor/Naimarata)

We focus on the Purba!

His son Purba (according to the Toba Batak)
1. Mr. Didolok Pantomhobol son no.1 no.2 no.3 Pargodung Balige King

2. Parhorbo son-Hoda Parhoda no.1 no.2 no.3 Mr. Omas Marsaha Manorsa 3. Stone Sigulang son no.1 no.2 heavens King King Ursa

The possibility of this Ancient Stone Sigulang there who migrate to the area Simalungun and Karo, then there is a clan of the Ancient Simalungun (example: Girsang, Purba Pak-Pak, Sibero Ancient, Ancient Sigumondrong, etc.) and clan Tarigan (Karo)

Purba Purba different Karo and Toba Simalungun, they came in Karo-Karo. The same as the Ancient Toba and Simalungun is Tarigan.


In the 18th century there are several clans of Bakkara Simamora through Samosir to then settle in and admitted he Haranggaol Purba. Descendants of these ancient Simamora later became Ancient Manorsa and living in the Stone Stairs and Purbasaribu.

Purba (Toba) is a descendant of Toga Simamora. Simamora Toga has three children. (Sometimes there is mention of four). The following is a descendant of Toga Simamora: 1. Toga Ancient 2. Toga Manalu 3. Toga Debata King 4. Mr. Sumerham. Note: Commonly referred to only three in Toba. There is a version that says Toga Simamora migrated to the area Pakkat and Barus and have descendants there is Mr. Sumerham.

His son Purba (according to the Toba Batak) there are 3 (three), namely:

1. Pantomhobol
2. Parhorbo
3. Sigulang Stone

Pantomhobol children there are 3 (three), namely: Mr. Didolok no.1, no.2, and no.3 Balige Pargodung King
Parhorbo children there are 3 (three) ie: no.1 Parhoda-Hoda, no.2 no.3 Marsaha Omas and Mr. Manorsa
Stone Sigulang son is 2 (two), namely: King of the heavens no.1 no.2 King Ursa
Ompung Marsahan Omas (in Indonesian language means Ber-chalice of Gold, his habit of drinking from the cup of gold) from Descendants of the Ancient Cape Ompung Marsahan Omas lineage, derived from Purba tanjung Sipinggan, Simpang Haranggaol, District Purba, Simalungun District. Some sources state that "the Cape" in the clan is derived from Sipinggan village location which is a Cape in Lake Toba, Haranggaol direction. Marsahaan Omas has a descendant named Bongguran who has a habit of "maranggir" (kaffir lime water bath) around the village Nagori, with use a cup emas.Marsahan Omas has 3 offspring:

1. Mr. Siborna
2. Raja Nahoda
3. Namora Soaloon

Raja Nahoda  has a son named King who is a Purba  first settled in Sipinggan.
Mr. Manorsa has 5 Descendants:

1. Ompung Tarain
2. Sorta Malela
3. Build Soim
4. Sombu King
5. Ompung Hinokop

History records the book by A. Purba (op. Parasian Purba of Sidikalang) who said: Purba Mr. Manorsa write honest with how Mr. Manorsa killed his wife, three young children fled, remarried in his hiding place, leaving the Second Wife in Samosir, remarried in Haranggaol. Dozens of children who in Toba find, retrace his father's footsteps, last year 1930 finds its roots in the overseas, history records how the descendants who sobs apart hundreds of years, forgive each other mistakes and father prayed together that God would forgive sins and raised generations of ancestors who feared will of God.
Mr. Manorsa not kill his wife directly, but because of jealousy when he saw his wife was looking for lice br Pasaribu, then he cut her breast and then fled with the boy left 3 org (Soimbangon, Sorta Malela, Op Taraim) since pursued Raja Pasaribu. Then oppung Boru died (possibly due to infection and hypovolemia / anemia). And settled in Samosir. Then wander into Simalungun and when I got home to find his wife Samosi was died. Then bring his two sons to Simalungun and remarried in Simalungun. Mr. Manorsa then remarried with br Tamba and had two sons (Sombu King / King Tarbuang & Op Hinokkop),
Ompung Hinokop has 2 Descendants namely: Tondang and Tambun Saribu.

Purba Sigulang Batu  son is 2 (two), namely:
1. Partaliganjang (Parlangka Jolo)
2. Guru Sotangguon.
His son Master Sotangguon there are 2 (two), namely:
1. Somalate
2. Datu Rajim
His son Somalate there are 2, namely:
1. Juaro Parultop
2. Datu Parulas
Note: In accordance tarombo, Juaro Parultop and Datu Parulas are twins (silinduat), so sometimes that of Purba tarombo Simalungun who have written with Datu Parultop / Parulas. Both are powerful people (Datu Bolon), may be rather long story, but from the existing tarombo Juaro Parultop begat: Purba Kolam, Tarigan (the remix), Purba Batu.Datu Parulas begat: Girsang, Siboro, Purba in Simalungun.

There's Five Ancient Pakpak father, namely: Hinalang, Nagori, Bangun Purba, Purba and Old and Purba Parhorbo Nagasaribu Manorsa descendants are living in Simalungun. They are Purba Saribu Tambun (TAMSAR) and Purba Tondang. Grave sir Manorsa also remain in Haranggaol, was tugunya in Simamora Nabolak. Most Purba in Simalungun migrated from the descendants of the Purba Sigulang Pakpak Batu, and Tarigan also derived from the Purba Sigulangbatu.

So, Submarga Purba composed of many sub-clans, among others:
1. Girsang
2. Jabu Girsang Bolon
3. Girsang Na Godang
4. Girsang Parhara
5. Girsang Jabu
6. Bona Girsang Gondang
7. Pakpak
8. Great
9. Siboro
10. Siborom Cape
11. Sidasuha
12. Sidadolog
13. Sidagambir
14. Sigumonrong
15. Sihala
16. Silangit
17. Tambak
18. Tambun Saribu
19. Tanjung
20. Tondang
21. Parents and others (please plus)


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